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March 13

Street Fighter X Tekken

In what could be described as one of Capcom’s most ambitious, experimental and controversial fighting games yet, March 2012 saw the release of Dimps developed Street Fighter X Tekken. When first announced in late 2010, fans of both series immediately became excited, then scared, then hesitant, then intrigued all in one chain of thought. Two […]

February 01

Devil May Cry 3

With the HD collection of Devil May Cry just around the corner, and Ninja Theory’s reboot DmC out later in the year, I thought this would be a good time to look back at one my personal favourite games, and yet another Capcom masterpiece, the brilliant Devil May Cry 3. The original Devil May Cry […]

July 20

Super Mario 64

What is the greatest game of all time? This is a hard, if not impossible, question to answer as it’s hard to compare games from different eras and different genres against one another. However, although it might be hard to name the absolute best game of all time, there are definitely a few titles that […]

June 10


This is a game that more people need to play. One of those under-appreciated gems that the masses sleep on, but that has a cult underground following, and lauded by a select few for being well ahead of it’s time. Developed by Japanese outfit Platinum Games and with the legendary Japanese producer Shinji Mikami onboard […]

April 18

Heavy Rain

Sony published and Quantic Dream developed Heavy Rain is one of the most unique “games” I have played in the current generation of Video Game consoles. And yes those are inverted commas around “game,” as shall be explained later in this post. Described as a “Psychological Action Thriller Video Game,” Heavy Rain has a very […]

February 01

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Everyone has at least one game that they absolutely adore. A game they can play over and over and which they never seem to tire of. I am no different, and although there are many games that I love, there is no doubt that there is one that stands on the pinnacle of glory, proud […]