May 01

Announcement – Joining Forces with the Best!


I started this blog many years ago as a space to write down my feelings on games that I enjoyed playing. During the early F2P boom on mobile I noticed that some of my colleagues and friends were interested in finding out more about specific games and mechanics on mobile but didn’t really know where to look. Thus I started putting articles up here to help educate other members of my team and to improve my own knowledge, and the blog snowballed from there. An obvious inspiration for me when writing my blog was Michail Katkoff’s amazing Deconstructor of Fun blog, which has had some of the best mobile game analysis in the world. I’m sure you’ve all read his blog and it definitely made me improve the quality of the deconstructs I’ve written over the years.

I’ve periodically been in touch with Miska over the years and we’ve always talked about teaming up together, never really getting round to it. But finally I’ve stopped being lazy and have joined forces! Both of us would often blog about the same game which was often a waste of our time and resources, but now we can pool our  collective insights together to create better content at a faster pace. And if that doesn’t already sound awesome enough, Adam Telfer of is also joining us! Adam also has an awesome blog and shares my love for playing the Nintendo mobile games. So being able to work with both Miska and Asam, along with several more of the writing team on Deconstructor of Fun should be both a lot of fun but also really good news for fans of any of the three blogs mentioned here. I’ll still be posting articles here, but they will also appear on Deconstructor of Fun.

Onwards and Upwards!